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X-Kick Fitness Training 


Round House Kick on Pad

 X-Kick: Is a fusion of Cross Training, Kickboxing, Martial Arts and Yoga. Training you into the best shape of your life!

This intense training program utilizes cross training, kickboxing, martial arts and yoga to improve your health, physique and athletic ability.

This class turns up the heat and you could burn 600-800 calories per class as well as increase your resting metabolism.  Here's how:


We practice boxing, kickboxing and striking. We do this 3 ways: shadow boxer style in the air, Striking the focus mits, shields and bags. In addition you will learn how to safely train with a partner and learn the defenses to the same movements you are using to burn calories, improve your heart health, lose weight and improve your physique. 


We do a wide variety of body weight movements to increase the strength of your legs, core, and upperbody. You will get stronger class by class. Our classes are designed to be challenging yet can adapt to your level of fitness. If you aren't strong enough to do a push up or you can crank out 30 you will be able to adjust your training to fit your needs. 


We warm up with movements from Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Yoga to warm and condition muscles while working on balance and freedom of movement. Dynamic Equilibrium is our philosophy of combining range of motion, balance and strength into a key component of our practice. 

Functional Tactical Movement:

Using movements from military training we will move our bodies over, around and under obstacles to improve your ability to move through the environment. We will use chairs, tractor tires, pull up bars and other obstacles to increase the challenge, the function and diversity of movement. This training puts the fun in functional!

Primal Movement:

Crawling, getting up from the ground, sprinting from danger, and stretching all combine to make for movements that you can bring to the wilderness. These movements take us back to a time when movement meant survival. 


Adult Push Ups

Interval training and Tabata: This high intensity form of train is a cornerstone of our workouts. Short but very intense, this is a method we use to get great results and kick our metabolism into high gear. abata is typically 8 rounds of 20 seconds high intensity exercise followed by short 10 second recovery periods. This naturally tailors to the individual as what you can do in that 20 seconds will expand as your fitness improves. 

As variety is the spice of life so too is variety the spice of our workouts. In addition to Interval Training we also use: Time Challenges, Kickboxing, Martial Arts Movements and include the use of some basic equipment. We strive for these classes to be challenging and fun, a great workout and a good stress reliever. 

To see what it's all about, call and schedule a free trial class or try our X-kick fitness starter course.

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Our starter course is $35 and includes two personal training session and 2 group sessions. It's a great way to get started especially if you are brand new to the workout routine or are just getting back in the game. (Mention you saw this on the web and save $10 on the starter course). 






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We appreciate everything you have done. Brock loves karate!! It has also made him a better, stronger, more focused little man.

- Leigh Anne Schaefer