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Vector: 6 Week Self-Defense Course


Knife TrainingDynamic Edge is very proud to offer the Vector Combatives Course. 

This course is designed for adults and teens interested in learning a highly effective form of personal protection in a short amount of time. This 6 week course is an intensive program designed to teach the fundamentals of self-defense. We are the first school in Southwest Missouri to offer this innovative approach to personal protection! 

Short-term Course = Long-term Benefits!

Experience Vector Combatives! Please Call 417-889-8900 for more information. Classes are enrolling now, Private classes and classes for families and small groups are also available. 

We have taught at local business and schools, including banks, elementary schools, high schools and universities. 

Logical  Practical  Professional and Positive!

A research based, integrated approach designed as a realistic method for personal protection that includes the most important considerations of combat! Psychological impacts of violence, performance under adrenaline stress, and legal consequences of your actions are placed into context. This is not the "he started the fight, I ended it" approach. This is about education and the physical skills that have actually saved, soldiers, law enforcement officers, and civilians who have fended off violent assault or been able to use control tactics to contain the situation. 

Vector Combatives training includes defenses designed to work against a larger, more aggresive attacker, as well as defenses for impact weapons (clubs, batons, and improvised weapons) as well as edged weapons. We pull from a variety of military and law enforcement training, martial arts and incluce crisis rehersal. Response training has proven to be easy to learn and effective in an actual encounter. 90% of this course is about obtaining the knowledge that gives you the power to recognize a threat and neutralize it before it becomes eminent danger. 

Vector Combatives prepares the student to avoid physical confrontation and teaches what to do in an emergency. Students learn to escape an aggressive opponent as well as teaching options to control someone who might be a danger to others or themselves.  Training begins with the concept of the measured response. Measured response is about adapting your defense to fit the context of the situation. Disarming an opponent then beating them with their own weapon puts you at risk for serious legal consequences, including assault and battery, manslaughter or even murder. We will discuss legal, moral and realistic scenarios based on real assaults in order to give you the best tools for the job. Vector Combatives teaches how to adapt your responses to the situation rather than having a one size fits all approach.

Measured response training gives you the skills to avoid injury, secure a superior position of advantage, and then escape, disarm or control. With this concept in mind you are prepared to respond to the opponent's resistance. From this position you learn options that range from controlling your opponent, disarming them, escaping, or if necessary incapacitate the aggressor, completely eliminating the threat. This type of training is engaging and it creates a flow of spontaneous response. The training is practical, technical, tactical and varied. Our instructors constantly seeking ways to improve the training so as new research becomes available, we test these ideas and create scenarios and training models to safely simulate the chaos of a violent situation. 

Vector Combatives is concentrated fundamental self-protection knowledge; there are no belts, jump spinning kicks or long sequences of motion to memorize. The curriculum is simple, logical, resisted, tested, re-tested. It's designed to be practical, so that you can learn quickly and access basic life saving skills in the chaos of an adrenaline infused emergency.

The major components of the system include knowledge about how crisis situations evolve, risk assessment, current local trends in crime and persona violence as well as physical techniques.  We also include a consideration of the legal consequences of self-defense. Engaging in violence often leads to serious consequences be they legal, medical, or financial. This is a down to Earth approach for realistic self-protection methods and by that we recognize that awareness, avoidance, deterrence and de-escalation are the 99% of the self-protection method that precedes physical confrontation.

Vector teaches several levels of responses to help students develop fundamental skills; standing or on the ground, striking, with or without weapons, as well as situational and environmental factors. This is a logical, context based approach to ancient self-protection training. It's great for beginners as they will build a broad base of skills as well as providing intermediate and advanced martial arts students practice with situation awareness and a focused practice for real world self-defense. Our aim is to provide effective, usable, and scalable tactics that make sense physically, legally, and morally.


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Dear Dynamic Edge,

I appreciate the lessons concerning respect. The Kids and I have used them frequently to settle disputes before they grow into big disagreements. The kids "got it" and are using it and I can see a difference in how the deal with each other.

Thank You!

- Grandma Adams