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Kids Classes


Child BreakfallDynamic Edge Martial Arts Program for children is often referred to as Martial Arts with a message.  The philosophy behind our school teaches that the practice of Martial Arts provides us with a means to improve ourselves and transform our lives.  We start with developing methods to protect one's self in an emergency and expand into training of the mind and body.  Children ages 4-6 Little Ninjas, Children ages 7-12 can choose from Warrior Scholars or Junior Jiu Jitsu. 

This class combines better health, flexibility, strength and coordination, with the qualities of mind;  awareness, focus, and confidence.  The practice of the Warrior and the Scholar is one that teaches us that the long term practice of martial arts does more than provide us with mental and physical benefits.  Ultimately, the practice develops tools for confronting and overcoming the challenges that occur in everyday life.

Our students learn things from the ancient world that they can use in today's world. Stranger awareness, strategies for dealing with bullies, emergency thinking, and skills like knowing what to do when you are lost, or how to respond to a house fire build confidence and practical knowledge.


Children Ages 7-12


The student begins the by learning how to focus their attention, practice self-control, and demonstrate respect by practicing listening positions.  Built into to the Dynamic Edge curriculum are mental attributes attached to physical positioning.   The major stances all have meanings that highlight and remind the students of perseverance,  focus, awareness and conflict avoidance just to name a few.  This way the young Warrior/Scholar, parents and the teacher have established ways of presenting instructions. The attentive and focused student then practices, strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility exercises that will prepare them for long term training. They learn Kenpo, Kickboxing, Escrima, and Jiu Jitsu plus a little extra moves from featured martial arts and gymnastics. It's all about Focus, Fitness, and Fun with a healthy dose of respect and self-control.


In these classes kids ages 7-12 focus on learning the Art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Students learn takedowns, pins, and submissions.  Kids will actively wrestle and experience activities that help them learn a grappling system that is both Martial Art and Combat Sport.  

Our Goal is to help your child use the lessons of martial arts at home and at school to become happier, healthier, and more confident!

Students develop balance and the ability to fall, roll, tumble and move in ways that will help them to be safer in practice and in life.  Many students over the years have reported that learning to fall has helped them when slipping in ice, crashing their bicycle, or slipping by the pool.


Children Ages 4-6


Our Little Ninjas Program is also designed to improve your child's motor skills and enhance their ability to pay attention and follow directions; all the while they are having fun and learning the very best in martial arts.  Respect, Focus, and Confidence are the three key factors that guide the Little Ninja Curriculum.   The lessons the children learn are taken beyond the mat and into everyday life.  Students are encouraged to use lessons from class at home and at school to help them with tasks such as cleaning , sharing, listening and learning.  On a very practical level they will learn what to do if approached by a stranger, what to do if they are lost, and how to handle aggressive children.

What about fun? It's not all work and sweat. Dynamic Edge teachers strive to balance focus and fun. Drills and games are exciting and engaging ways for the student to use problem solving skills, creativity, and imagination while having fun with new found friends. Extending from the physical practice,  social development, teamwork, and leadership  become part of the training.   Students learn to work together and lead one another as they develop their skills. They learn healthy ways to compete without arrogance, humiliation, or resentment.

Here is what one of our parents think of our Pre-School Martial Arts Programs:

"Over the last 2 years, Dynamic Edge's Little Ninja Program has improved our son's ability to listen, learn, and play. We are very impressed with how the teachers balance a variety of basic gymnastics, and martial arts skills, with fun and meaningful activities."  -Dionne, Mother of a Little Ninja


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My son attends Dynamic Edge and has learned a lot from Mr. Sturgess and his teachings about respect, self awareness and social skills. I also attend the school learning Counterpoint tactical training, Kickboxing, Kenpo and boot camp. In the few months I have lost over 10 pounds, my blood pressure is perfect now and have made some wonderful friends. I recommend their services as martial arts teachers as well as their professional interactions.

- Juliette Thompson