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Dynamic Edge Kenpo for Adults and Teens


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Discover the unity between mind, motion and martial art.

Dynamic Edge Kenpo is a modern martial arts system that combines tactical self-defense with awareness and fitness training.

Methods are direct and effective while techniques are tailored to fit the individual and the situation. You will learn how to avoid conflict, de-escalate aggression, control an attacker and quickly escape from a serious situation. Situational awareness, proper body mechanics, and self-defense are the core components.  

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Dynamic Edge Kenpo has been developed from several martial arts: Kenpo, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Kick-Boxing, and Escrima, reality self-protection methods.  You will learn tactical self-defense, striking, joint locking, takedowns, and a wide variety of technique. This sophisticated system is diverse, logical and effecient.  


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We help you increase your body awareness while developing effective self-defense skills. This course is designed to broaden your horizons.  With practice you will increase your appreciation of the art and science of motion, and heighten your athletic abilities. You will become tougher and stronger, more confident and calmer.

We learn to both calm the mind and strengthen the body.We practice awareness while training for worse case scenarios.  This is a practice seeking to balance awareness, movement and skill with respect, humility and self-reliance.

We encourage the development of your personal best.At Dynamic Edge mindful communication, self-awareness and personal growth are key elements of our practice.  Here you can learn in a helpful, challenging and motivational environment.  Making improvements and facing challenges become habits that lead to success in your efforts. Our mission is to help you learn to use the mindset of martial arts to become a healthier, happier more skillful version of yourself. 

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Graceful, Effective, Dynamic!

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We have noticed such a change in our seven year old son since he began training at Dynamic Edge. He is having so much fun learning confidence, focus and self control while we, as parents, are learning a new vocabulary to apply these lessons at home. We are so proud of our little warrior and so impressed with Mr. Sturgess' integrative approach to teaching life lessons. His teaching is the emodiment of strength and compassion. Thank you Dynamic Edge Martial Arts!

- Bill & Meg Worden