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About Us

Theron Waterfall

What's the Dynamic Edge Story?

Dynamic Edge Martial Arts is a locally family owned and operated business founded by Theron Sturgess. Our business roots go back to the last century (1989) when we were an affilate school until 1999 when Theron began to lay out the foundation of the Dynamic Edge philosophy and curriculum.    

Mr. Theron Sturgess has been actively studying martial arts since 1986 and has worked hard to bring the best of his martial arts experiences back to the school, the instructors and the students of Dynamic Edge. Theron came to Springfield to study at Missouri State University. Upon graduation he left to work in Colorado and and studied, becoming an Emergency Medical Technician. He also continued to study martial arts and when asked to return to Springfield in 1995 to help manage the school he studied at in college, he returned to the Ozarks. In 1999 he purchased the school and began developing Dynamic Edge Martial Arts.

Since 1999 we have continued to grow and transform, in addition to our popular Kenpo Karate Jiu Jitsu for adults and teens adding new programs for adults: fitness classes, mixed martial arts training (Kickboxing and submission wrestling/Jiu Jitsu),  women's self-defense, and Vector Self-Defense Systems; a real world combatives  curriculum that includes assault prevention strategies, and direct personal defense, as well as impact and edged weapon tactics.  We've also expanded our children's program to include classes for 4-6 year olds in our Little Ninja's Program as well as ages 7-12 in our Warriors and Scholars program.

What's in a Name? In the past we have used the names Aaction Kenpo Karate and ASE Kenpo Karate. In 2006 we made the decision to change our name to Dynamic Edge Martial Arts in order to better describe our school and it's philosophical foundation. Dynamics are the changing conditions and variables of cause and effect studied in various fields of science. In our martial science we study the dynamics of motion, combat, and self-protection scenarios in order to apply those lessons to the student's advantage.  Edge evokes the image of the Samurai sword; sharp and strong, representative of a fit body and a keen mind. These images remind us of ancient martial artists who developed the keen mind of a scholar, a teacher's heart open to peace, and the physical attributes of a strong and skillful warrior. Because we are in the pursuit of developing an edge for our students we have to be dynamic.  The school has grown this "Dynamic Edge" to  create an awesome experience for the students through a variety of programs that broaden the horizons of a variety of practitioners .

To stay on the leading edge we maintain relationships with several  national martial arts associations. Dynamic Edge Martial Arts maintains a relationship with a network of martial arts schools that help to guide our training and curriculum by providing comprehensive instructor and management education.


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Theron Sturgess and Dynamic Edge,

Thank you for helping us with our methods of individual sports class this Spring. We really appreciate the introduction to the Martial Arts and Self-Defense that you gave us and we really enjoyed your teaching style. We learned a great deal (during) our brief time with you. 

- Chad Gehring, Instructor/Football Coach at Evangel University