Dynamic Edge Martial Arts
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We are located at 2768 South Campbell between Andy's Frozen Custard and Incredible Pizza in the Village Shopping Center, Springfield, MO.   

No experience necessary! We excel at teaching beginners!

Perhaps you are looking for an interesting way to exercise, lose weight or challenge yourself. You don't have to get in shape to begin the program. We encourage you to start where you are and build from there. Our teachers will help you get started. Whether you are 5 or 55 we have a program that can get you moving toward being in the best shape of your life!

Our Starter Course is Designed for beginners.

We combine personal training sessions, and beginner group training sessions in a short term course. We will teach you how to practice martial arts. You will also learn the basics of self-defense. Parents and kids will love how we blend martial arts skills practice with life skills; Respect, focus, and, self-control. The entire 3 lesson course is $25!  it's a great way to find out if Martial Arts training is for you! 

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Classes for Children- Focus, Fitness, Fun! 



















Little Ninjas ages 4-6- Stranger Danger, Self-Control, Exercise, Balance, Coordination, and Martial Arts FUNdamentals!

Warrior Scholars ages 7-12- Complete system including, grappling, striking, self-defense and character development  

Junior Jiu Jitsu- 7-12 Focuses on learning the grappling art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Using wrestling techniques to control   and submit a larger opponent. 

Dynamic Edge Kenpo: A rational approach to learning a modern martial art. Empty hand striking, takedowns, jointlocks, and weapons. Tactical, graceful and effective. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Art and Combat Sport. Learn to fight on the ground! Grappling techniques for control, escape and submission.  



 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu combines self-defense, fitness and combat sport into a dynamic and challenging practice.  






X-Kick: Functional Fitness: Kickboxing, Strength and flexibility training combined into a 45min 700 calorie burning workout! 

Our teachings will nurture the mind and the body.

We help to build a student's confidence through progressive and professional training. Ancient and modern methods combine to create a practical form of martial arts. The Dynamic Edge curriculum is designed for self-defense, health, fitness and personal development. 

We help you increase your awareness while developing effective self-defense skills.  This course is designed to broaden your horizons and increase your appreciation of the art and science of motion, and heighten your athletic abilities. You will become tougher and stronger, more confident and calmer. We practice maintaining vigilance and preparing for worst-case scenarios. We practice respect, humility and self-reliance.


We value respect, humility, and development of your personal best. At Dynamic Edge Martial Arts we practice mindful communication and goal attainment in a fun and motivational environment. Here, improvements and facing challenges become habits that lead to achievement. Learn to use the mindset of martial arts to better yourself!


What kind of experience do we create for our students? We strive to provide students with a quality experience that leaves them feeling challenged and improved, sweaty, informed and smiling. After class you know and feel the benefits of your martial arts practice. This is the path of a peaceful warrior where you come to realize how you are part of something far reaching, into the past and the future. Become part of culture of practicioners helping us to become more fully developed human beings.


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I came to Dynamic Edge looking to get a handle on my temper and for better focus in life. It never dawned on me the fitness benefits of studying martial arts. Now, along with the inner strength Dynamic Edge has helped me develop, I have new found physical strength and fitness.

- Thom H.